Process for the Registration of Post Secondary and Tertiary Level Institution/Providers

Registration as a pre-requisite for accreditation signals that an institution has satisfied the minimum standards to legally operate in Guyana.

The steps in the process are:

  1. The first step in the registration process is the submission of a letter addressed to the Executive Director requesting registration as an institution/provider of tertiary education and training by National Accreditation Council. This letter of request must be signed by the provider or Executive Head of the institution. This letter should state:
    • that registration in accordance with Act #12 of 2004 is being sought.
    • the name your institution/provision of tertiary education and training is to be registered under.
    • the types and level of qualifications offered and
    • the sites which will be covered under registration

  2. The Institution/provider is sent an Institutional Data Form (IDF). Once the IDF is completed and has been submitted to National Accreditation Council, it will be reviewed.

  3. The institution/provider will be sent an acknowledgement letter indicating receipt of the completed IDF Along with the:
    • Application Form for Registration of Post Secondary and Tertiary Level Institutions/Providers.
    • Checklist of Required Evidence for Registration.
    • Criteria for Registration.
    • Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on registration.
    • Guidelines for submitting an application for registration to Accreditation Council of Guyana and
    • Programme Specifications Guidelines.

      The institution/provider may be directed to the relevant state agency or authority if their institution does not fall under the purview of National Accreditation Council.

  4. The post secondary or tertiary institution/provider submits an application for registration in Guyana to National Accreditation Council along with a short background and relevant application processing fee. The application must be submitted intriplicatealong with a soft copy (MS Word version) of the narratives. The evidence submitted in the application for registration should be
    • in accordance with the7 areas of assessment
    • clearly referenced in the narrative which explains how it satisfies the particular standard

  5. The post secondary or tertiary institution/ provider may be required to obtain National Accreditation Council approval to use the title that it wishes to be registered under if it was established after the proclamation of Act # 12 of 2004 on the 12th July, 2004.

  6. The institution/provider is required to submit to an evaluation by National Accreditation Council to ensure compliance with the minimum quality requirements for post secondary and tertiary institutions/providers. The institution/provider is required to bear the cost of the evaluation.

  7. If the institution/provider meets these requirements for registration, it is required to pay a Certification Fee. A Certification of Registration will then be issued by The National Accreditation Council. The Certification fee also covers the cost of publishing the institutions/provider’s registered status in the Gazette and in at least two daily newspapers circulating in Guyana. Registered institutions/ providers are placed on the register of Post secondary and Tertiary Institutions/Providers by the National Accreditation Council.

  8. The institution/provider is required to fill out an Institutional profile that will be displayed on The National Accreditation Council website. The Institutional Profile contains details relating to that institution.

  9. If the institution/provider does not meet The National Accreditation Council criteria, it is advised by The National Accreditation Council of the requirements that must be met and it will be guided in this regard and given support from the Quality Enhancement Unit.

  10. A registered institution/provider is required to submit an annual report on a prescribed form and pay a registration fee payable on registration and annually while status is maintained.

  11. Registration shall be for a maximum period of 3 years after which the institution/provider must apply for re-registration.

  12. Registered institutions/providers may seek accreditation from The National Accreditation Council.