109 Barima Avenue, Bel-Air Park, Georgetown, Guyana.


Strategic Objectives


A globally recognised agency providing the highest quality assurance for post-secondary and tertiary education and related services.

Mission Statement

To build and maintain a quality assurance culture in all post-secondary and tertiary education services through the establishment of, and adherence to, the required standards in collaboration with local, regional and international stakeholders.


The National Accreditation Council functions essentially as an accrediting, awards and academic development body for degree, diploma and certificate programmes proposed and developed at approved tertiary institutions.

Its main functions are:

  1. To register institutions within and outside of Guyana that offer courses in Guyana that have met minimum tertiary educational standards with respect to student enrolment:
    1. Adequacy and suitability of physical facilities with regard to student enrolment.
    2. Scope, appropriateness and educational value of institutional courses and experiences.
    3. Qualification and competence of staff.
    4. Adequacy of resources, e.g. library, computers, laboratories to support the programmes.
    5. Other operational factors.
  2. To provide accreditation for degree and specialized programmes by:
    1. Establishing and applying criteria for the accreditation of tertiary/higher educational programmes and courses of study.
    2. Assisting registered institutions in the improvement of their educational programmes.
    3. Encouraging and facilitating programmes related to national needs.
  3. To establish relationships with national and external. Accrediting and quality assurance bodies and to keep under review, their systems of accreditation procedures and practices.
  4. To provide appropriate public information about the Institutions and programmes registered and accredited by the Council.
  5. To protect the interest of students.
  6. To determine equivalence and facilitate the recognition of foreign qualifications in accordance with the framework established by the Caribbean Community.
  7. To assure the quality of programmes being offered in Guyana by foreign institutions.
  8. To advise the Minister on the issuance of Charters, licenses or other authorizations to institutions and providers to operate or to continue their operations or to alter their existing operations on the basis of an appropriate evaluation.
  9. To ensure that the quality of all post-secondary education delivered meets the standards set by the Council to the qualifications and certificates conferred or awarded.
  10. To promote the free movement of skills and knowledge within the Caribbean Community.
  11. To fix and collect fees in connection with the exercise of its functions.
  12. To withdraw or cancel approval, recognition or title granted to or conferred on any institution or provider for good and sufficient cause in the opinion of the Council.